Jaelyn Denise

Lead Vocals, Keys and Swagger

Jaelyn is a vocalist with a love of music and an appreciation for hard work, which leads to a great performance! A graduate of UC San Bernardino for Commercial Music, Jaelyn has a lot of live performances under her belt(s). 

She has a love for all kinds of music, and can hit Etta James, Jessie J, Pink, Beyonce and more with equal aplomb. (Man, this bio is getting wordy!)

Her debut album 'Dweebalicious' can be found online and on CD-Baby. Buy it. Like, Now!

Leanne Petitt

Bass, Vocals and Bouncing to the Beat

Leanne lays down the bass foundation and can also hit a crazy high C.  

Gospel training and a diverse musical background, including keys, help her set a solid all-around musical performance.

She also can't stand still while playing Bass! Why would you? 

Leanne plays Fender through a Fender. Rumble! 


Zach Ruble

Guitar, More Guitar and some Guitar!

Zach is a versatile guitarist that comes to Vegas via Nashville. (They lose!)

He can lay down funk, switch to classics and then shred to rock. Having been a touring and recording guitarist, he knows the importance of ensemble, but when he steps up to solo, enjoy!

Zach is also the Angus Young in the AC/DC Tribute 'High Voltage' and a Black Sabbath Tribute project. 

Michael Cremean

Drums, Coffee Getter and Band Leader

Michael ‘Animal’ Cremean plays drums and percussion. He also consumes a lot of coffee, plays a mean cowbell and has very cute dogs.

He strives for Time, Groove and Dynamics. Having played other instruments, there is an appreciation for the ensemble in a band environment. It turns out people want to hear the vocals and other instruments! (This was a shock to the drumming world…)

When not banging on noise making instruments with sticks, he works in technology, event production and live event sound.  His diverse musical background includes guitar, bass, live mixing and sound engineering. He also has 6 patents and is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, which has nothing to do with music but is rather fun.

Michael plays DW drums and Zildjian Cymbals on Gibraltar hardware.  For live sound and recording he uses Roland Electronics, Pro Tools, Mackie Mixers, Sennheiser vocal, Samson drum microphones and Gon Bops or LP Hand Percussion.

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